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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> captioned by the national captioning institute >> our breaking news coming in from the district. now a smoke bomb was thrown at the white house from occupied
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protesters. this comes as occupy protesters marched had three parts of the government. live with breaking developments. >> the protest at just wrapped up at the u.s. capitol. goodthey are cleaning things up as we speak. the occupy movement march and mass from here to the u.s. supreme court and to the white house. a one. someone tossed an apparent smoke bomb over the fence at the white house. it is our understanding and 1000 to 1500 people. there are no arrests but it has been an emotional day. it would be a night of confrontations and calls for change.
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>> this is about income and the quality. this is about right for people. >> if you are glad to be year of the capital, say yes. >> they gathered at the u.s. capitol believing our representation in the government has been compromised by a greed. price we are the backbone of america. next congress, you have not given me a job. >> people march to the u.s. supreme court. >> in 2008, americans are 8% poorer, and the average congressman is 25% richer. there is something wrong in this country. everyone needs to wake up and get out here. >> they filled the steps. moments later authorities arrested a protester and ordered the crowd to leaves.
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>> we got some stuff to talk about. >> they hope their presence and courageous the powerful so everyone has an equal voice. >> this is our history. >> just as a point of clarification, talking with some members of the occupy movement, they estimated the numbers of the white house and during the multiple marches was closer to 5000 protesters, and they also say almost all the people of the white house left peacefully of their own accord. >> thank you very much. we are monitoring a developing story in the northwest tonight. now a german shepherd attack three people, leaving police to open fire, and one of the victims was in a wheelchair.
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this unfolded on 14th street. at the scene with details from the victims and the witness. >> the victim tells us he was standing at the bus stop when the german shepherd charge out of nowhere and latched on to his leg. when he was able to get free, he ended up hiding behind abortion. -- behind a bush. jose barely speaks english but was able to show how he was able to swap the dog away before it done through his own leg. the pain he says is a lot. there was a female who had been beaten repeatedly and another man in a wheelchair, but it was not until the dog lunging at police said they shot him dead.
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samuel watch the attire and events unfold from his window. >> i heard the screams. >> the neighbor had to help a friend get her animals inside after he said the german shepherd was going after their pets through the fence. later it started going after people. >> the german shepherd was very aggressive to the point where if you approach it you would think it might bite you. >> the owner of the dog did not want to talk. >> unfortunately the dog tried to attack somebody, and that is what they had to do. it is unfortunate. >> harris is some good news. of the victims, none of them were seriously injured. transamerica airlines flight was forced to make an emergency --
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and american airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing. loyd 127 landed just before 7:00 tonight because of a cracked windshield. the plane was supposedly flying to san diego. good night >> the debate over medical marijuana intensifiers tonight as the council passes emergency legislation. the city's -- hours earlier they passed a bill that would restrict which cultivation centers can be open. roadsome neighborhoods were worried they could have more pot shops and other neighborhoods. and >> more rain is heading to our region. a look at what to expect in the morning. >> the main thing is it will be
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a cheerleader in the morning. our temperature and -- it will be chilly in the morning. i do not think we will see any rain falls tomorrow. it will be cold air. a way out at elkins is 41 degrees. it will be on the edge as that pushes out tomorrow. right now we are still 58 degrees. we will see temperatures into the 30's, and it will feel like we are in the 20's. there is extreme cold in north dakota. 27 below zero. that a bitter cold will be staying to our north. we are getting colder but nothing like the dakotas. stay with us with a big storm in
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the pacific northwest. taiex we are following some breaking news that affects every voter in virginia tonight. that is what the commonwealth party have asked the board of elections to remove the controversial loyalty oath from the presidential battle. the republican party have been criticized by adding the loyalty oath which would ask voters to encourage an -- now to support the candidate. >> now in the race to the white house, gop candidates and president obama made some key moves tonight. president obama's latest strategy will begin at disneyland. as for gop contenders, mix santorum renewed attack -- rick santorum renewed attacks on mitt romney and newt gingrich.
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mitt romney said most of his income comes from investments and dividends. stay with your election station for the south carolina primary. chris is going to be in south carolina on voting night and our sister station is going to be posting wall-to-wall coverage with our partner politico. >> now we turn to the latest in a cruise ship disaster off the tuscany coast of italy. the captain of an hon korea faces intense scrutiny over leaving the ship -- the captain faces intense scrutiny over leaving the ship. >> more than 100 divers combed the wreckage blasting holes in the ship's hold. trying to find ways in and a way out.
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the divers inside say they can hear the screeching of metal. the coast guard says they are zeroing in on the part of the ship where passengers were waiting for the lifeboats. >> we found other people. >> among the missing were the retirees from minnesota. family and friends praying for them tonight. >> there is still hope for them. we love them very much. >> and other family is relieved tonight. the charleston native is one of the lucky survivors. >> our only goal was to get off the ship. i truly thought that was going to be a catastrophic event. five i am glad martha and her own initiative and did what she did. she was very fortunate to get off the ship.
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>> an officer of the u.s. cruise ship safety center says it is unlikely an american cruise ship will suffer a similar accident. american cruise ships must pass safety inspections and annual testing of lifeboat appointment. >> coming out the wait may soon be over. >> and google is one of your favorites, why that may change temporarily out of the top of the hour. good>> authorities say they found 40 dead animals inside here, and we have learned a couple is linked to another home but
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>> we are learning more about a
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particularly disturbing discovery. for the animals were found dead inside of the maryland town house. -- 40 animals were found dead inside a maryland town house. >> police found dogs, cats, rabbits, a guinea pig, even of hermit roundcrab. this is only part of the story. >> there is more to the story. neighbors say they have no idea what was going on behind these doors. the couple who used to live here police cannot find them. this is a letter to the woman who used to live here saying, we want to talk to you. there is another location this couple is linked to. we went there, and they are not there, but there are living animals inside a home. residents of the community are stunned. to people they thought loved animals allegedly allowed 40 of
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them to dive. -- die. >> police say they found 19 dead animals inside a freezer including birds rabbits i guinea pig even a hermit crab. outside the freezer they found 21 other dead animals. gunracks that is unthinkable that you could leave animals in that house. they were apparently eating each other. >> some neighbors say they smelled an odor but had no idea. neighbors tell us the couple had not lived here for six months but until recently they still came around. >> the past seven weeks there has been no activity. >> we were told the couple moved to this home not far away. when we not we could clearly hear the sound of dogs and birds inside. in the driveway was a trailer
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for a bird rescue foundation. >> you call yourself an animal activist. it is disturbing. >> animal control was able to rescue four living animals out of the town home, but 40 were dead. as far as the other home, we do not know if the police plan to rescue them soon, but i am told that is a distinct possibility. it appears the animals were staying alone without any human supervision. >> thank you very much. the word tonight that google is taking the middle ground in response to plans for an online blackout wednesday. wikipedia vows to shut down temporarily in protest of anti- piracy legislation. the bills would punish websites the violates u.s. copyright, and instead, it will highlight the
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issue on its home page. >> a claim made by a japanese website. experts suggest the next has a new display with higher resolution. apple is remaining quiet on its plants. gov they do not mind doesn'buzz in advance. >> it is balmy. >> twelve to 24 inches of snow coming to washington. >> that is not fair. good>> outside our temperature is 58 degrees.
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that equals a high-temperature of the day. 40 degrees above average. look of the temperature is right now. cold air is beginning to come in but it is still a ways away. here is the industrial strength stocks. there is an extreme cold warning for the dakotas. and we see a little bit of cold air and a little ripple. any of that stuff will be staying well to our north. this has been a winter without much snow. the farmers do not want to see extreme cold. this is the storm out into washington state. there is heavy snow in the cascades and lots more to come. it has been quite a day. this is the time lapse. you can see some of the snow on the ground, and this is on the edge of what is going to be of a store not only for washington
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but seattle. you can see a lot of moisture is really beginning to come into oregon and around the cascades. they will be getting more. nothing really going on around us. you will see the cold air continue to come in. overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow temperatures continued to fall. no snow to worry about. there will be some snow out of the mountain, but temperatures will be in the mid to high 30 pause by the afternoon with the wind chill making it feel like a 20's to the 30's. temperatures tomorrow when you get up and head out will still be in the 40's but beginning to really take a tumble, so bundled up. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. mostly sunny skies, and we will see a ripple coming through on
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thursday with a share of no flurries. we do with a chance of snow flurries. >> did you write that embarq >> i did write that. springlike of the. it cannot hit me, -- swing like a bee, it cannot hit me. i have the highlights coming up
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>> the calves to put their seven-day winning streak on the line. a couple of power plays to end the street. let me take you downtown.
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a couple of goals. the turn over, new york was in control. in the second, here we go again. the capitals could not score. 3-0, islanders. after losing two in a row georgetown had won two in a row and tried to make it 3 tonight. aloha -- a la hoya has a big game. look up this. here comes sims. jason carr. jason clark is going to get the points for you. a final there a 83-75. we watch sean moseley's start to
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break. look at this. in the second half after maryland took believe and he was hot again. florida state ran away with it. wheat closed off in new england. patriots were 6 and one against baltimore, but the raven's one against the patriots last year. everyone knows it is going to be tough. parks they had to own it, and this was not going to be any different. it is a tense environment, and we are looking forward to it. it is going to be fun.
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>> the indianapolis colts fired head coach jim caldwell. no word on the future of peyton manning, and the patriots agreed to terms with cooper, so they avoided arbitration. >> they have a pre
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>> all of us want to thank everyone who helped on our
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campaign. we donated $3,000, or $1 for every new facebook sedan. thanks to everyone who helped out.
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iraq's today into the 50's to near 60 tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon will feel about 40 degrees below today. maybe a flurry on thursday. next week to buy into the high for the's and low 50's. -- next week back to the high 40's 2 low 30's. >> thanks for joining us. nightline is next. we will see you tomorrow.
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>> see you tomorrow.
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